Canoe Launches Two New Programs from Sea to Sky

Canoe is soaring to new heights, exploring new depths, and keeping projects afloat with two new programs.

The new Drone Program offers you access to uncrewed vehicle technology that will help you both above and below. With both remote controlled and autonomous machines that can provide infrastructure inspection, maintenance, mapping, and modelling services from the skies or fully submersible under the water to ensure your complex projects run smoothly.

The Watercraft Dock Program is committed to providing customizable docks that can meet your needs using a variety of materials, flexible layouts, and durability that can handle whatever mother nature throws at them. Our experienced supplier has seen it all and is ready to help you tackle your next project.

Both of these new Canoe programs are fully compliant with CETA, CFTA, NWPTA, and other relevant trade legislation. They also provide the peace of mind of preferential pricing and quality service.

If you’re not already a registered member with Canoe, please sign up today to take advantage of the program. Explore more Canoe programsregister online for membership, or contact a Client Relations Manager today!