Working with Canoe

The status of approved supplier is granted to businesses that are awarded a contract by Canoe through the publicly tendered Request for Proposals (RFP) process issued by Canoe. Approved suppliers have demonstrated that they are both able and willing to provide top-tier service and best value pricing within the awarded category for Canoe’s members. Watch the video below to learn more about how to become a Canoe-approved supplier.

Canoe's RFP Process

Businesses interested in becoming an approved supplier with Canoe must respond to an open RFP on the Canoe procurement portal. Canoe selects suppliers ONLY through an open RFP process issued by Canoe, which follows a successful proposal evaluation and contract award. Following an evaluation period, businesses that successfully meet the requirements of the RFP issued by Canoe may be awarded a contract. If you have any questions, please contact us!


Interested in becoming an approved supplier? We regularly host webinars for interested suppliers where we provide valuable insights on the benefits of Canoe procurement and how to become an approved supplier. Join us for an upcoming webinar to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does registering with the Canoe procurement portal make my company a “Canoe approved supplier”?
No. Canoe approved suppliers are companies that have been awarded a cooperative procurement contract through an open RFP process issued by Canoe.

2. How can my company become a Canoe approved supplier and sell to Canoe members? Is there a form to fill out?
No, there is no form to fill out. Interested suppliers must respond to a Canoe RFP and be awarded a contract as a result of the RFP.

3. Where can I access the Canoe procurement portal?

4. How much do suppliers have to pay to use the new Canoe procurement portal?
There is no cost to suppliers to register for and use Canoe’s procurement portal.

5. My company is registered on a regional tendering website (e.g., Alberta Purchasing Connection, etc.). Can we continue to access Canoe RFPs on this platform?
No, suppliers will need to register to the new Canoe procurement portal to access new opportunities.

6. I participated in a Canoe RFP on Alberta Purchasing Connection in the past. Does this change impact past RFPs?
No, this change does not impact past RFPs. Going forward, suppliers interested in Canoe opportunities must register with the Canoe procurement portal.

7. I have an account for the Sourcewell procurement portal. Do I need to register for a new account for Canoe RFPs?
Yes, suppliers interested in Canoe opportunities must register with the Canoe procurement portal.

8. How will suppliers send responses to RFP?
Suppliers will prepare and send their response directly into the Canoe procurement portal.

9. Can I access training to help me register with the Canoe procurement portal?
Yes. Training is available on the Bids&Tenders Supplier Support Portal.

10. How do I receive notifications of Canoe opportunities?
Suppliers must select commodity codes in Canoe’s procurement portal in order to receive notification.

Approved Supplier Benefits

Approved suppliers are recognized as Canoe’s trustworthy partners. This positions businesses to leverage the strong, longstanding relationship between the partnered municipal associations and the member organizations. Through this partnership, approved suppliers gain sales and marketing support in reaching and approaching member organizations across Canada, direct connections to target audiences within those organizations, and reduced turnaround time due to fewer regulatory hurdles.

Sales Support

A cross-Canada team of full-time Canoe Client Relations Managers work closely with members. Client Relations Managers coordinate leads to relative approved suppliers, actively set up meetings, and assist with product and service educational support.

Performance Reporting

  • Access to monthly volume statistics
  • Access to feedback reported by Canoe Members

Targeted Promotional Opportunities

  • Tradeshow display privileges
  • Potential Education Sessions featuring your products, services, or market trends


  • Approved suppliers are paid net 30 of any products or services provided
  • Quick, reliable accounts receivable
  • Ability to batch invoices
  • One invoicing address and one payment source