Public procurement for all of Canada.

Public sector procurement is no easy feat. It demands balancing complex needs with compliance and cost-effectiveness. At Canoe, we are proud to represent the collaborative force of municipal associations across Canada working together to make public procurement more efficient.

Canoe collaborates with local municipal associations in all Canadian provinces and territories except Quebec to provide the benefits of cooperative procurement to municipalities (both rural and urban), school districts, universities and other academic institutions, housing foundations, hospitals, airports, electrical associations, natural gas cooperatives, irrigation districts, museums, and many other public sector and registered not-for-profit organizations across Canada.


At Canoe, we simplify procurement for you! From fire trucks to office supplies and everything in between, we tender trade-compliant standing offer contracts on your behalf, covering a wide range of critical products and services your organization needs to operate effectively.

With over 5,000 member organizations nationwide and a 350+ approved supplier network, we harness the collective buying power of the Canadian public sector to deliver efficient procurement solutions to municipalities, public sector entities, and registered not-for-profit organizations.

5000+ Members

Harness the collective buying power of over 5,000 public and not-for-profit organizations for procurement efficiency

400+ Contracts

Simplify your procurement process with contracts competitively tendered on your behalf

350+ Suppliers

Work with over 350 approved suppliers that meet Canoe’s quality, service, and value standards

No obligations

Canoe membership comes with no minimum purchasing requirements or use obligations


Contact the client relations managers for your region to get started.


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