Canoe Is Excited to Announce Four New Programs

The Canoe Procurement Group of Canada is pleased to announce four new programs for its members across Canada.

  • Canoe’s Custodial Program will help you find the custodial services you need, whether it’s basic cleaning, minor repairs, or facilities maintenance. Keeping your property clean and well-maintained not only helps your business make a good impression with visitors, but also ensures the overall health and well-being of your staff.
  • Through the Canoe Fitness Supply Program, you get plenty of options and sources to help you get what your gym or recreation facilities need. Don’t let procuring fitness equipment become a marathon of work.
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning play a crucial role in managing your buildings. The Canoe HVAC Systems Program will help connect you with approved suppliers who can help provide thermal comfort and better indoor air quality.
  • The Canoe Pest Control Program can help you keep your buildings and worksites pest-free and ensure that they don’t come back. Connect with our pest control approved suppliers when you’re looking for efficient and effective control of bugs and rodents.

These new programs have the benefits of a wide variety of service providers that have been already tendered on your behalf. All of Canoe’s programs are fully compliant with CETA, CFTA, NWPTA, and other relevant trade legislation, and you have the peace of mind of preferential pricing and quality service.

If you’re not already a registered member with Canoe, please sign up today to take advantage of the program. Explore more Canoe programs, register online for membership, or contact a Client Relations Manager today!