RMA Fuel is Now the Canoe Energy Program

We are excited to announce that services provided through RMA Fuel will now be part of the Canoe Procurement Group of Canada under the Canoe Energy Program.

RMA Fuel has provided one of the leading fuel and lubricant group purchasing programs for municipalities, school divisions, and other public sector entities across Canada. The program will continue to be strengthened with this move to bring it under the Canoe brand.

With over 60 million litres purchased annually and growing, Canoe is able to use this number to command discounted fuel pricing. Members can purchase at will, with no minimum purchasing requirements.

As part of Canoe, the Energy Program will continue to provide fuel and lubricants from coast to coast to coast, and has the provision of third party fuel and oil testing.

A free fuel analysis is available to all municipal and non-profit members. Upon completion, members receive a fully detailed report comparing the amount currently spent on fuel to the potential savings through Canoe.

There are no changes required on your end if you already procure through RMA Fuel. As Canoe is operated by the RMA, you will be automatically enrolled into the Canoe brand and your contacts will also be unchanged.

In addition to fuel and lubricants, the program will also incorporate cooperative energy procurement for member organizations in Alberta through 8760 Expense Management.

For any questions or concerns, please contact:

Jesse Patenaude
Manager of Business Development