Canoe RFPs Moving to the Bids&Tenders Platform

We at the Canoe Procurement Group of Canada are excited to announce that we are updating our procurement practices and adopting the Bids&Tenders platform as our procurement portal. This move helps us to establish a more efficient process and adopt industry best practices as we solicit, evaluate, and manage cooperative purchasing contracts on behalf of public organizations across the country.

For suppliers, this means all Canoe Requests for Proposals (RFPs) will now be accessible on the Canoe Bids&Tenders procurement portal — in other words, the Canoe Bids&Tenders portal will be the centralized location to access Canoe RFPs. Suppliers will also be able to prepare and submit proposals, monitor their submission status, and receive notifications of updates directly on the platform. The system is easy to use: suppliers can simply register and select the commodity code for which they wish to receive alerts for Canoe opportunities.

Canoe member organizations can also leverage the Bids&Tenders platform as their own procurement portal through the GHD Digital contract available via the Canoe Public Administration Software Program. This allows members to simplify and optimize their procurement process, making it more convenient and efficient to do business.

We will continue to publish notices of RFPs on various platforms adopted by provincial and territorial governments, including CanadaBuys, in order to be compliant with trade agreement requirements.  

For more information, including frequently asked questions, please refer to our Working with Canoe page.