As a public sector organization, you dedicate all your time and effort to serving the public. We at Canoe understand your commitment. With over 65 years of experience insuring the public sector, we’ve established a dedicated group benefits consultancy just for you. Rest assured, we got you!

At Canoe, we believe that group benefits should be tailored to your organization’s unique needs. We work with you to structure and administer a benefits plan that meets your objectives, protects your organization, and supports your team. We also regularly review and optimize your plan to ensure it adapts to both the market and your organization’s changing conditions.

Your Benefits at a Glance

Our comprehensive coverage options allow you to combine core benefits options that form the foundation of your plan with relevant optional coverage layers that, together, create a total benefits package.

When designing your organization’s benefits plan, you have the ability to choose from a full suite of solutions, including but not limited to:

Group Life

Pays beneficiaries a pre-specified, non-taxable amount in the event of an employee passing from any cause.

Group Optional Life

Offers additional life insurance to plan members, spouses, and, occasionally, their dependents. Coverage is usually dependent on age, gender, and smoking status, and requires medical evidence.


Provides coverage in the event of an accident to plan members resulting in loss of life or loss of use of speech, hearing, and limb.

Optional AD&D

Provides additional AD&D coverage to spouses and dependents on an optional basis.

Dependent Life

Life insurance coverage for plan members’ spouses and dependent children.

Long-Term Disability (LTD)

Replaces a significant portion of a plan member’s income during an extended illness or injury. Covers plan members up to the age of 65.

Critical Illness

Provides a lump sum, tax-free benefit payment to a plan member who is diagnosed with a critical illness. A member’s contract will define which conditions are covered, and benefits payments can be used to support treatment and recovery.

Extended Health Care

Provides coverage for prescription drugs, services provided by paramedical practitioners, prescribed devices, and out-of-province / country travel.


Covers the cost of prescription glasses and eye exams every two years for adults and every year for children.

Dental Care

Provides coverage for basic preventative measures. Plan members can choose to include orthodontics and major dental coverage.

Second Opinion

Provides plan members and eligible dependents with qualifying medical conditions access to independent medical reviews on diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Diagnostic Imaging

Provides plan members with access to MRIs and CT scans within 72 hours of making a claim.

Modular Flex

A package of several different bundles of benefits, which can be used by employees to select a benefit package of their choice.

Employee Assistance Programs

Provides confidential counselling and wellness resources services to plan members and their eligible family members.

Disability Management

Provides a process to effectively manage short and long-term disability programs, and to facilitate the return to work of injured or ill employees through a coordinated effort.

Health Spending Account

An account with pre-determined annual allotments for eligible member expenses not covered by other group benefits. The CRA dictates eligible claims.

Wellness Account

A taxable spending account to help support wellness expenses for members that may cover expenses not expressly included in other coverages.

Group Retirement

Provides matching and optional group retirement programs to help plan members become financially prepared for retirement.


Ready to build a plan that empowers your workforce and strengthens your organization? Our dedicated advisors work closely with you throughout the entire process to ensure your plan aligns with your organization’s needs and budget.


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