Canoe Quick Facts

Quick Facts

  • Canoe is the largest municipal buying group in Canada, with 2,500 members.
  • Has more than 200 approved suppliers, depending on the province
  • Access to vendors available for our members through Sourcewell.
  • Its size means Canoe is better positioned to absorb shocks in market and find solutions.
  •  Not just lowest cost with supply agreements, best value, look at total life cycle analysis.
  • Structured to protect local business owners in your community. Discounts given at corporate level.
  • Muni gets group buy price, but sources from local supplier. Local supplier gets cut, but muni saves.
  • Partnership with Sourcewell (non-profit out of Minnesota), values set aligns with us.
  • Volumes and relationships (supplier and member side) are key benefits, education focused
  • Previously white labelled under other municipal association names.
  • 2017 Canadian Free Trade Agreement set out rules for MASH – municipal, academic, schools, health care(government and non-profit procurement)
  • New West Trade Partnership Agreement (lower thresholds)

Success Story

80% of CAT and Finning sales in Alberta are through our program. This is 15% of their worldwide sales!

What is Canoe?

Canoe is a cooperative buying group tailored to municipalities, non-profits, and the public sector across Canada. Canoe is the largest municipally-focused cooperative purchasing group in the country.

Where are Canoe programs available?

Canoe’s programs are also available to local governments in the Northwest Territories, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

What is cooperative purchasing?

Cooperative procurement, at its core, is the concept of combining the purchasing power of more than 5,000 public and not-for-profit organizations across Canada to get better prices and service for everyone.

What procurement options are available through Canoe?

Canoe offers procurement options for most of the major things that municipalities need. Popular programs include tires, heavy construction equipment, office supplies, bulk fuel, aggregate, and employee benefits.

What do Canoe members have access to?

Canoe offers more than 200 approved suppliers in over 60 programs.

What is Canoe’s relationship with the RMA?

Canoe is fully-owned and operated by the Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA), meaning it contributes financially to RMA advocacy and gives back through member patronage rebates.

What is Canoe’s relationship with the other municipal associations in Canada?

Canoe collaborates with like-minded municipal associations across Canada to bring its trade-compliant cooperative procurement programs to members throughout the country. This relationship provides financial benefits to these associations, which, in turn, enables increased service levels to municipalities, public agencies, and not-for-profit organizations in each province.

Is procuring through Canoe compliant with trade legislation?

Yes! Canoe has gone to RFP on behalf of the entire membership, meaning member organizations just need procure what they need directly through the program. Canoe Procurement’s programs meet all legislative and trade agreement requirements.