The Canoe Way - Enhancing Public Procurement in Canada: Webinar Recording Now Available

The Canoe Procurement Group of Canada recently hosted a webinar called “The Canoe Way”, as part of Canoe’s procurement webinar series. The recording and presentation slides for the webinar are now available to view. We express our gratitude to everyone who attended the webinar.

During the webinar, Canoe contract manager, Tony De Sciscio, covered a wide range of topics, including Canoe’s operations and its role in public procurement, how suppliers can find opportunities with Canoe, details about Canoe’s RFP process, compliance requirements, the benefits of Canoe for both members and suppliers, and the support provided to approved suppliers post-contract award.

Watch the webinar recording below to learn how to do business with Canoe.

For more information or questions regarding the webinar and how to become a Canoe supplier, please contact Tony De Sciscio. You can also register for other upcoming webinars in the series.

Tony De Sciscio
Contract Manager, Eastern Canada

Jesse Patenaude
Manager of Business Development