Contingency Planning for Seasonal Disasters: Webinar Recording Now Available

The Canoe Procurement Group of Canada recently hosted a webinar called “Contingency Planning for Drought/Fire/Floods Season 2024”, as part of Canoe’s procurement webinar series. The recording and presentation slides for the webinar are now available to view. We express our gratitude to everyone who attended the webinar.

As Canada braces for the 2024 drought, fire, and flood season (which has already begun), Canoe’s Fred Krause, a seasoned emergency management professional with over 18 years of public sector experience, recently shares valuable insights on preparedness and effective disaster response strategies. Fred emphasizes the intricate link between droughts, wildfires, and floods in Canada, noting that flood risks are significantly higher in areas recently affected by wildfires, a concern that persists for up to five years post-fire. With floods becoming more frequent and dangerous, Fred points out that 2 in 10 Canadian homes are at risk, with homeowners often unaware of the potential risks they face. He urges awareness, stating that flooding can occur anywhere, regardless of location.

Beyond the gloom, Fred highlights the value of proactive disaster preparedness and outside-the-box innovative solutions. He advocates for utilizing available resources like Fire Smart Canada to bolster neighbourhood resilience against wildfires. He also stresses the importance of simple yet effective measures, including leveraging community resources such as proper sandbag filling and storage for flood emergencies, and building key relationships with relevant stakeholders, organizations, and suppliers before disaster strikes. On the policy front, Fred reiterates the policy of “If you see something, do something,” encouraging proactive measures in tackling issue such as water loss and supporting wildfire responses. He concludes with a reminder that time is a precious commodity in disaster management.

For more information on how Canoe can help your organization or questions regarding the webinar, please contact Fred Krause. You can also register for other upcoming webinars in the series.

Fred Krause
Contract Manager, Western Canada

Jesse Patenaude
Manager of Business Development