Facility Assessment Webinar

Canoe and Roth IAMS will be hosting a webinar June 15, featuring speakers Bill Roth, President & CEO, Roth IAMS and Curtis Loblic, Vice President, Business Development and Emerging Services, Roth IAMS. The webinar is called What now? Navigating Facility Assessment and Capital Planning on Your Own and will explore how to effectively manage your physical assets so you can operate efficiently. Registration is now open!

Since 2020, when Alberta Infrastructure (AI) ended the province-wide Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) program, provincially-funded institutions have struggled to understand the path forward as it relates to ongoing capital planning and keeping their FCA data up-to-date. Elk Island Public Schools was in the same boat. Earlier in 2022, they began a journey to take control of the process. In collaboration with Roth IAMS and AI, they have a go-forward plan for ensuring they are making informed capital planning decisions and meeting ministry reporting requirements by leveraging consistent, defensible data. 

The EIPS team will tell their story of how they got started and where they are going. The Roth IAMS team will provide insights gained from discussions directly with AI, as well as providing an overview of the approach that they are using in collaboration with EIPS. By the end of the webinar, attendees will have a road map to move beyond the former AI program while evolving and enhancing their asset management programs and processes.