Canoe Launches New Program to Support Lab and Medical Industry

Working with our newest approved supplier, Eppendorf, we are excited to announce our new Canoe Laboratory & Medical Supply Program. This new program will give Canoe members access to life science and lab equipment, pipettes and pipette tips, centrifuges and centrifuge tubes, incubators, and more. Having the right equipment is vital for your laboratories and medical facilities to run effectively and efficiently, and our program will help you accomplish that.

As always, this new program is fully compliant with CETA, CFTA, NWPTA, and other relevant trade legislation. It is tendered on your behalf and offers preferential pricing and quality service.

If you’re not already a registered member with Canoe, please sign up today to take advantage of the program. Explore more Canoe programs, register online for membership, or contact a Client Relations Manager today!